Bitbucket (Free version)

I’ve never been much of a Git user in the past but since starting to dabble with python more I decided to give one of the free online repositories a try. The decision to use Bitbucket from Atlassian was a lazy one based on the fact that Visual Studio had an add on that was easy to use, find and install.

With Visual Studio it was very easy just to sync up the local Git repository that was created with the project to the Bitbucket cloud.

On my Ubuntu Linux Server it wasn’t much harder. I followed the Ubuntu Git Server Guide to get started.

But essentially you install Git using apt-get:

apt-get install git

Some basic setup for global username and email. (local repositories can be overwritten if you are using different providers for each):

git config --global ""
git config --global "Your Name"

You can then clone your online repositories:

git clone username@hostname:/path/to/repository
Add new files from your linux box:
git add filename

Then commit and push those bad boys up:

git commit
git push

You can keep your code private to your own account or allow the big wide world to see your work to share and create things from it.

Keeping an online backup is always a good thing however the question of the security and therefore safety of the data you are uploading comes into question.

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